Tramadol 150mg


We are looking forward to providing you with top quality drugs at incredible prices! Tramadol 150mg is a pain reliever that binds with the receptors of the brain and nervous system to decrease levels of pain. However, like any narcotics, this drug has potential for abuse therefore caution is advised before drug use.


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Pharmaceutical class analgesics

Active Ingredient (s) for one tablet: tramadol hydrochloride (150 mg)

Generic drug yes

Compressed sustained release dosage form

Route (s) of oral administration

Sales price $20

Social security reimbursement rate 65%

Laboratory (s) Ultram PHARMACIE GENERIQUES

Conditions of dispensing available on simple prescription

Order TRAMADOL Ultram Online 150 MG: DOSAGE


The dosage (100 to 200 mg twice daily) should be determined by your doctor individually depending on the type and intensity of your pain. you can order tramadol online.

Administration mode

Oral way.

Swallow the tablets with a drink without splitting or chewing.

The interval between shots is 12 hours.

If you have the impression that the effect of TRAMADOL Ultram is too strong or too weak, consult your doctor or pharmacist to adjust your treatment.


Do not take TRAMADOL Ultram 150 mg prolonged-release tablets if:

if you are allergic to tramadol or any of the other ingredients of this medication

in acute alcohol intoxications, hypnotics (sleep-inducing drugs), pain medications or psychotropic medications (drugs that affect mood and emotions);

when you are taking MAO inhibitors (medicines used in the treatment of depression) simultaneously or when you have taken MAO inhibitors in the previous two weeks;

in case of epilepsy not controlled by treatment;

in children under 12 years old.

If in doubt, it is essential to seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist

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